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Join a group either online or in-person!

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Kick-start 2024 & your prayer practice by joining a small group!  Heck we all need a prayer primer or refresher from time-to-time.  


Our selection this year is How to Pray & The Prayer Course by Pete Greig.  How to Pray will awaken a passion for prayer in all types of people, from the committed followers of Jesus to the skeptics to those who don’t really know where to begin.  It uses the Lord’s Prayer as a framework ~ after all that was the response to the disciples asking “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).   The Prayer Course is the companion piece to the book.  While we encourage to read the book, you are most welcome attend a small group session without doing so.

Sign-Up:  In the Church Office or call Martha at:  905-451-6649 ext. 23

  • On Zoom Wednesday evenings @ 8:00 pm starting January 31

  • In-Person Saturday mornings @ 10:00 am starting Feb 3 at Christ Church

  • Books are available to purchase for $25

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