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Advent & Christmas @ Christ Church

What is this about?

On the four Sundays of Advent starting on Sunday, November 27 we travel to the land of Narnia ruled over by the Evil Witch and where it is always winter and never Christmas.  Based on C.S. Lewis’ classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe initially published in 1950 and marks the beginning of The Chronicles of Narnia ~ a series of seven fantasy novels.  Known world-wide as classic children’s literature, it is both timeless and ageless.  Many of us go back to it time and time again while for others it may be completed new.  It tells the story of four ordinary school children who are evacuated to the English countryside during the Second World War.  Soon they discover a wardrobe that leads them to the magical land of Narnia. 

What happens each week?

Each Sunday, join Tina and Martha, as we gather at 4:00 pm and enter into a part of the story exploring underlying Christian themes such as light and darkness, meals and gifts, forgiveness and hope.  A perfect way to prepare Jesus’ birth a Christmas.  We will gather by candlelight in the church followed by a time of light refreshments before we wrap up shortly after 5:00 pm. 

What do I have to do?

Mostly just show-up...really!  Reading the book is enjoyable but not necessary and you don't have to commit to all 4 Sunday afternoons.  The book is readily available at your local library (we also a few copies for borrowing) or you could watch a version of the movie:

  • Disney (2005) available on Disney+ (or available for rent on YouTube)

  • BBC (1988) available for free on YouTube

All are invited | All are welcome | No experience required

As we welcome friends back to Christ Church for Advent and Christmas this year, we hope you’ll join us — whether you are near or far, online or in-person, seeking a quiet moment of holiday solitude or gathering with your family or friends.

While our Christmas traditions remain and adapt, and new traditions emerge, we are grateful that you include Christ Church in these Holy seasons. 


In new ways, we are able to celebrate the beauty of the season and to shine a light into the darkness around us. Please join us online as we celebrate the Nativity of our Lord. Our Advent and Christmas Services will be available on YouTube and everything you need is available right here on our website. Once these services are premiered, you can watch them at any time.  

Bits and pieces of past Advent & Christmas put together in the midst of the pandemic

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2020 Christmas Pageant Insta 2.Dec 21 20
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2020 Advent & Christmas in the midst of the pandemic

Production 2
Worship Collective 1
Worship Collective 2
Tina prepares for Advent Event
Production 4
Production 3
Delivery 2
Delivery 1
Physically distanced
Production 1
Door Knocking
Lessons & Carols online
Compassion Camp craft
Come to church 2
Come to church 1
Christmas mailing & 2021 envelope distri
Choir 2
Choir 3
Caring & Sharing.JFJ Party 3 (4)
Choir 1
Caring & Sharing.JFJ Party 3 (1)
Caring & Sharing.JFJ Party 1
Advent IV
Advent Kits
Advent III
Advent II
Advent I
Advent IV online
Advent Event 7
Advent Event 6
Advent Event 5
Advent Event 4
Advent Event 2.Nov 29 20
Advent Event 1.Nov 29 20
Advent Event 3
2020 Caring & Sharing (11)
2020 Caring & Sharing 1 (1)
2020 Caring & Sharing (10)
2020 Caring & Sharing (7)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (16)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (15)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (9)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (12)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (8)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (14)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (13)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (5)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (6)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (4)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (3)
2020 Caring & Sharing  (2)
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