Outreach Beyond Brampton

Christ Church takes the Gospel imperative to serve the marginalized seriously through a variety of partnerships and community-based local Christian ministries including: Regeneration, Knights’ Table and Ste. Louise Outreach. We support the extended hand of the Diocese of Toronto through our financial commitment to Faithworks and that of the national and international church through the Council of the North and Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.


Christ Church is a proud ministry partner of International Christian Voice who works on an international basis to advocate for, sponsor and resettle persecuted Christians.  On March 2, 2021 International Christian Voice marked the 10th anniversary of the slaying of Shahbaz Bhatti, brother of ICV founder Peter Bhatti.  Shahbaz was killed as a direct result of his courageous support of religious minorities in Pakistan.   Byron was invited to provide a short video commemorating the work of Shahbaz Bhatti and continuing work of International Christian Voice.  Byron’s video is below.