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Who We Are

We've Come This Far by Faith - Parish Life Video (released June 2022)

Christ Church is one of the oldest Christian congregations in Brampton. With an early colonial presence, we formed as a new Anglican parish community in 1851… and have been in our present location, nestled in the heart of the historic downtown, since 1885.  2026 will mark our 175th anniversary as congregation in Brampton.  


We have a wonderful parish family that meets in a beautiful building with lovely stained glass windows and a commanding pipe organ. Christ Church is not a building but rather a community of ordinary people learning to follow Jesus in our time and place.  We have a great commitment to the Great Commandment see Matthew 22:36-40 and the Great Commission see Matthew 28:18-20. We celebrate how God has blessed us with vision, with people and with resources to fulfill the mission that He has given us.  A large part of that mission is being here for people just like you. We encourage inquiring minds and open hearts, well aware of the uniqueness of each individual, yet confident that we are on this journey of faith together. 


Brampton has changed a lot since its founding. It is now Ontario’s 4th largest city and continues to grow.  In keeping pace with the City of Brampton, Christ Church is a growing, vibrant parish that reflects our diverse community.


We know that Brampton has many young families, so we have strong and growing Youth & Family ministries with dedicated staff and volunteers.  We have made, and will continue to make, investments in this area.  Our programming is fun and inviting as evidenced by our growing Sunday School attendance and our popular Junior and Senior Youth Groups.


On Sunday mornings, we come together in worship at 10:00 am in a service that offers both contemporary and traditional Christian music.


At Christ Church, we learn, we serve and we celebrate our life in Christ together.  We do our very best to love God and our neighbours as ourselves.  We take our place in serving the poor and the marginalized in Brampton and beyond.  We care for the sick, the elderly and the dying. We are here, firmly planted in Brampton, to be present for all significant life transitions. 

Modelling ourselves after our Lord Jesus Christ, we go out into the world and seek the seekers, those that are lost and lonely.  We have a very special place for those who don’t have it all together because none of us does. 


But, the best way to really know who we are is to come on a Sunday and worship with us!

All are invited | All are welcome | No experience required

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