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With the Covid-19 protocols in place, our music teams pre-record while the building is closed for public worship.  In time, we will see this change but in the mean time, we are grateful for the gift of music these people bring to us on a weekly basis.


Music is a vital part of our worship together at Christ Church, and we express ourselves in several different ways. On a typical Sunday, a service will be held using contemporary praise and worship music, followed by one which emphasizes more traditional forms.

What's in a song? 

(Sally Campbell)

Welcome to worship, up close and personal. “What’s in a Song?” explores individual songs of worship and praise and offers a reflection that will hopefully add another level to your personal devotion and meditation on your faith.


Perhaps you enjoy worship music as background noise, or you long to explore and feast on it. Regardless of your interest in music, examination of the lyrics is a worthwhile activity, offering thoughts on how these song meanings might relate to us in 21 century culture.


It is the hope that through these commentaries, our corporate worship will be enriched as the songs come to life in deeper context. Consider each song and see where it takes you. If you would like to hear the songs, you can usually find some version of it on YouTube.


And when we sing these songs on any given Sunday, join us, sing loud and sing strong. We are all in this together.


The Final Word - 01 StartSally Campbell (Michael Card)
00:00 / 02:54
Ancient of Days (Though The Nations Rage)Sally Campbell (Matt Redman)
00:00 / 03:37
Heart Of WorshipSally Campbell (Matt Redman)
00:00 / 03:12
Click here for Sally's reflection on "Heart of Worship".   Just why are we called to worship?  (August 2021)
Click here for Sally's reflection on "Change My Heart, O God".   In this piece, Sally teases out the powerful transformation we can have when live in relationship with God. (April 2021)
Click here for Sally's exploration on the song "What Love My God" by Jonny Robinson / Rich Thompson/ Michael Farren (September 2020)
Click here for Sally's exploration on the song "He Who Dwells" by Bob Ayala (November 2020)
Click here for Sally's exploration on the song "Breathe" by Marie Barnett (August 2020)

If You’re Interested…

The Worship Collective is looking for individuals who sing, play instruments (including bass and keyboards) or who have talents with sound production (or are willing to learn about our sound system).


You must be 13 years or older, be an active member of Christ Church and have an interest in corporate worship. If you have a desire for this ministry and are wondering how to get involved, email me using the link below.


Sally Campbell


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August 2020

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