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Advent & Christmas (Nov 27/22 to Dec 25/22)

Lighting the Christ Candle
Christmas Eve Children's Focus
And some watched from home
Christmas Day selfies - Non DNA Family
Silent Night
Christmas Day
Spencer & Byron Gilmore
Working the soundboard
Nelson Charles
Byron preaching
The Lessons are read
Christmas Eve video team
Budding Coffee Hour Host
4th Sunday in Advent - The Sunday of Love
9 Lessons...
...and Carols
Learning how to do selfies
Secret Gift Exchange Decisions
Prayers of the People
9th Lesson - The Incarnation
Deputy Warden - Chris Bird
Rector's Warden - Shumaila Desrochers
Deputy Warden - Sean Joseph
Our youngest reader
Non-DNA Family I
Non-DNA Family II
Tina & Martha still standing on 4th Sunday of Advent
A warm greeting for Lessons & Carols
Choir mustering for Once in Royal David's City
Welcome to Church!
Advisory Board
Tina and Martha trying on Pageant Costumes
Meeting parishioners
One of our parishioners who picks up food for local food banks
Georgie-Boy taking in Choir Rehearsal
Staff getting ready for Christmas Pageant
Georgie-Boy taking in Worship Collective rehearsal
A busy time for the Altar Guild
The stars appear
Tina giving us Pageant instructions
Everybody gets in the Pageant!
The Pageant 1st Lesson
Mary & Joseph
The Pageant's Narrators
The Pageant's 2nd Lesson
The Pageant Narrators Arrive!
Advent in Narnia
Advent in Narnia
Advent in Narnia
A warm greeting
Lighting the 3rd Candle
Advent in Narnia
Making Pageant Costumes
Making Pageant Costumes
Lighting the 2nd Candle
Training up greeters
Learning how to ring the bell
Advent in Narnia
Accepting the offering
Welcoming Nelson Charles
The Choir mustering
Lighting the 1st Candle

Celebrating All Saints with Baptisms & Pumpkin Party (Oct 30/22)

Ghost Bowling
Pumpkin & Black Cat Tic Tac Toe
Craft Pumpkins
Helping Out
Oh there may have been candy
Giving thanks
Receiving the light of Christ
Before the service
Let your light shine
Children's Focus

Summer in the City - June to August 2022

Fathers Day 1
AV 2
AV 1
2022 Summer Collage 6
2022 Summer Collage 5
2022 Summer Collage 7
2022 Summer Collage 1
2022 Summer Collage 2
2022 Summer Collage 3
2022 Summer Collage 4
2022 Summer Collage 8

The Season of Easter-  April to June 2022

Ste. Louise 2
Ste Louise 1
St. Louise 3
Ste. Louise 4
Ste. Louise 5
Ste. Louise 6
Ste. Louise 7
Ste. Louise 8
Ste. Louise 9
Pentecost Coffee Hour
Pentecost Coffee Hour
Pentecost Coffee Hour
Silliness "on set"
Knights 3
Knights 4
Knights 5
Knights 2
Pentecost/Commitment Sunday
Byron submitting his pledge
Tina submitting her pledge
Pentecost - 1st Reading in Yoruba
Pentecost - 2nd Reading in Hindi
Pentecost - Intercessions in Urdu
Pentecost - Blessing of the Pledges
Pentecost & Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Mothers Day 6.May 08 22
Mothers Day 3.May 08 22
Mothers Day 4.May 08 22
Mothers Day 5.May 08 22
Mothers Day 1.May 08 22
Easter Alleluia Craft.Apr 24 22
Getting prepped for Pentecost
Ascension Sunday
Ascension Sunday
Ascension Sunday
Ascension Sunday
Ascension Sunday
May 2022.Walking
May 2022.Worship
May 2022.Mothers Day 11
Mothers Day 12.May 08 22
May 2022.Mother's Day Preacher
May 2022.Mothers Day 10
May 2022.Mothers Day 9
May 2022.Mothers Day 7
May 2022.Giving Thanks
May 2022.Celebrating
Baptism 1.Apr 24 22
Apr 2022.Worship

We've Come This Far by Faith - May 2022

Sept 2021.Blessing of Backpacks 2
Sept 2021.Youth Group
Sept 2021.Backpacks Blessing 2
Sept 2021.Blessing of Backpacks 3
Oct 2021.Worship
Oct 2021.Pumpkin Party Group
Oct 2021.Pumpkin Party
Oct 2021.Giving Thanks
Nov 2021.Remembrance 2
Nov 2021.Remembrance 1
May 2022.Walking
Nov 2021.Michelle Jones' Last Sunday
Nov 2021.Advent Party
May 2022.Worship
May 2022.Mothers Day 11
May 2022.Mother's Day Preacher
May 2022.Mothers Day 10
May 2022.Mothers Day 9
May 2022.Mothers Day 7
May 2021.Drive By Drop Off 2
May 2022.Giving Thanks
May 2022.Celebrating
May 2021.Drive By Drop Off 1
Mar 2022.PWRDF
Mar 2022.Filming Holy Week
Mar 2022.Pancake Supper Collage
Mar 2022.Ash Wed 1
Mar 2022.Altar Guild
Mar 2022.Children's Focus
Mar 2021.Lent Worship 2
Mar 2021.Lent Worship 1
Mar 2021.Alpha Retreat
June 2021.Prayer Railing
June 2021.ICV Cheque Presentation
June 2021.Sunday School
July 2021.Battista Ordination
July 2021.Canada Day Online Recording
Jan 2022.Out Visiting
Jan 2022.After Worship
Feb 2022.CNOY Team
Feb 2022.Visiting
Feb 2022.Delivering Alpha Materials
Feb 2022.Receiving Gift
Dec 2021.Online Recording 2
Feb 2022.After Church
Feb 2022.CNOY Results
Feb 2022.Catching Up
Easter Alleluia Craft.Apr 24 22
Dec 2021.Christmas Day
Dec 2021.Online Recording 1
Dec 2021.Caring & Sharing
Dec 2021.Christmas
Baptism 1.Apr 24 22
Aug 2021.Moe & Bo Adventure
Apr 2022.Palm Sunday 2
Apr 2022.Good Friday Prayer Walk 1
Apr 2022.Worship
Apr 2022.Palm Sunday 1
Apr 2022.Maundy Thursday
Apr 2022.Good Friday Prayer Walk 2
Apr 2022.Easter 1
Apr 2022.Easter 3
Apr 2022.Easter 2
Apr 2022. Easter Vigil

Mothering Influences 2016-2020

Mad Hatter Tea
Thursday School Delivery
Rehearsal 1.May 10 19
Pentecost 2
Regen.Protein Prep.Mar 24 19
Tina as a sheep.Dec 09 17
Gilmore & Bell.Oct 03 18
Good Friday Family Group 1.Apr 19 19
Girl's Cabin
Extreme Praying 3
Confirmation Group at L'Arche.Nov 15 19
Children's Focus with Tina Clarke & Moe
Ash Wednesday
Advent III
Anglican Rosaries
Advent II
32169605_1748195775262590_7629524989162553344_n - Copy
20200920.SS 4
2017.Advent 1.Family 21
2017.Advent 1.Family 11
2017.Advent 1.Family 6
2017 CTB 5
2016 Palm Cross Making 2

Holy Week 2022

Easter Sunday
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Palm Sunday
And in red for Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Palm Sunday
Palms Sunday
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Maundy Thursday
And we go to white!
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Marcel Van Helden & Ron Greidanus
Martha & Tina Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Good Friday Prayer Walk
Rev. Canon David Harrison
Easter Sunday 2022 Children's Focus
Easter Altar Guild.Apr 16 22
2022 Easter Vigil 9
2022 Easter Vigil 8
2022 Easter Vigil 7
2022 Easter Vigil 6
2022 Easter Vigil 2
2022 Easter Vigil 1
2022 Easter Vigil 4
2022 Easter Vigil 5

Lent 2022

Worship 5
Worship 8
Worship 4
Tina Clarke.Mar 27 22
Alpha Session 15.Mar 30 22 B
Alpha Session 15.Mar 30 22 A
Alpha Retreat 6.Mar 05 22
Alpha Retreat 1.Mar 05 22
Alpha Retreat 3.Mar 05 22
Alpha Retreat 2.Mar 05 22
Alpha Retreat 4.Mar 05 22
Worship 7
Worship 6
Worship 2
Worship 3
Worship 1
Sonia Sobers & Martha Whittaker
Sharp Looking
Ron Greidanus & Sally Campbell
Rev. Nelson Charles.Apr 03 22
Porch Visit
Rev. Canon David Harrison
PWRDF Special Offering
Jon Tyner & Shumaila Desrochers
Martha Whittaker & Sean Joseph
Greeting 19
Greeting 20
Greeting 18
Greeting 17
Greeting 16
Greeting 15
Greeting 13
Greeting 14
Greeting 11
Greeting 12
Greeting 10
Greeting 7
Greeting 6
Greeting 9
Greeting 5
Greeting 4
Greeting 3
Greeting 1
Greeting 2
Greeing 8
Giving Thanks
Easter Vigil 3
Easter Vigil 1
Easter Vigil 2
Ash Wed 3
Celebrating Eucharist
Ash Wed 2
Altar Guild 6
Altar Guild.Mar 19 22
Altar Guild 2
Altar Guild 1

Virtual Pancake Supper - March 1, 2022

Shrove Tuesday 6.Mar 01 22
Grateful for our parish family
Pancakes at Grandparents

The Season of Epiphany - January & February 2022

Grateful for our parish family
Christ Church receives a gift from the Catering Committee and Parish Fellowship Group
Non-DNA family driving together to Sunday worship
Welcome home!
Georgie-boy and his fans
A window visit to one of our seniors
Running into parishioners while shopping...
....and while at walking
Delivering Alpha materials
With no coffee hour, we managed outdoors visits
Early winter evening...
...and bright winter morning
Martha Whittaker & John Hall.Feb 08 22
Youth Group.Feb 11 22
Be careful of that elastic!
We met for walks
We got up early to watch webinars from London, Engand
Rubber chicken trophies were awarded
Drive-by visits

Coldest Night of the Year - February 26, 2022

2022 CNOY Inst.Jan 13 22
Team 1
Spencer Gilmore.Feb 2022
Snow Angels
CNOY CCB.Feb 27 22
Walk 4
alk 1
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