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Children's Ministries & Sunday School

We offer Sunday School at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.  Sunday School is ideal for children aged 4-12 years of age.  


As a reminder, Sunday School starts following the Children’s Focus and children return to their parents/guardians in time for Communion.  Children, of course, are more than welcome to stay with their parents/guardians in church ~ we love the the sound of children in church!


All Saints Baptisms & Pumpkin Party Photos

Knights of the North Castle (May - August 2022)

Sunday School via Zoom (January - June 2021)

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Shrove Tuesday 16
Shrove Tuesday 13
Shrove Tuesday 15
Shrove Tuesday 12
Shrove Tuesday 8
Shrove Tuesday 9
Shrove Tuesday 3
2021 Lent & Easter Sunday School Kits
Shrove Tuesday 2
Shrove Tuesday 4
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Sunday School.May 09 21
Sunday School.May 30 21
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Jun 06 21.Sunday School 6a
Jun 06 21.Sunday School 3a
Jun 06 21.Sunday School 4a
Jun 06 21.Sunday School 1a
2021 Valentine's Day 2_LI
2021 Valentine's Day 1_LI (2)
.Jun 06 21.Sunday School 2a
More Sheep.Oct 04 18
Sunday School.Mar 18 18
Sunday School.Apr 10 18
Cool Church 1.Aug 12 18
Cool Church 2.Aug 12 18
Photo 3.Apr 22 18
Palm Sunday 2
Sunday School 2.Mar 18 18

Our Nursery Facility (currently closed)


Many parents ask why they need to complete a registration form for their children every Sunday school year. If your child is not registered it does not mean they cannot attend Sunday school. Every child is welcome to attend. If a child is going to be attending Sunday school a registration form is required for us to have permission for certain activities. It is also used for things such as budget planning, program and space planning, Vestry and we are required to report to the Anglican diocese certain information about Sunday school every year. These registration forms make it easier for us to accomplish these tasks.


Parents please ensure that you have completed Sunday school registration for your children.

This registration must be completed every year and the release signed. 



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