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Sundays in Advent | 2023

Christmas Pageant | 1st Sunday in Advent 2023

October & November | 2023

Coffee Hour
Non-DNA Family
Lay Representatives to Synod
Laying a wreath on behalf of the parish
Advent Children's Choir
Celebrating The Rev. Nelson Charles' ministry
Scripture Walk
Praying for Nelson
Deacon Luigi
Pageant Prep
But I need a crown!
Advenio Rehearsal
A warm greeting
Outreach ministries
Sacred Sewers
Envelope Secretary
Our financial team
Worship Collective
Oh my how they grow!
Welcome to Canada!
Sacred Sewers
Making Pageant Props
The Rt. Rev. David Lehmann, Bishop of Caledonia
Mustering for worship
Nelson Charles, Byron Gilmore, and David Lehmann
Coffee Hour
Fall Scripture Challenge

Harvest Sunday & Blessing of the Pets | 2023

Georgie-boy posing with Harvest decorations that were donated later in the day to a local food bank.
400lbs of fresh fruit and vegetables were delivered on Harvest Sunday to a local food bank
Spotted at the Dismissal...what does Deacon Luigi have around his waist?
It is Fezziwig's lead!
Olivia quite comfortable awaiting her blessing.
Tina and Martha trying to hold it together
Olivia & George are quite good friends. Really!
Hey I know you!
Oh not more lovin' and not another photo

Blessing of the Backbacks | 2023

Summer in the City | 2023

"Camp Bear" Sunday School
Welcoming recently arrived refugee family
You gotta have faith
Dropping off lap quilts at our local hospital
Deacon Luigi blessed the lap quilts
And a treat afterwards
Teach your children well
Another teach your children well
A wonderful reunion at long last ~ welcome to Canada
2023 Confirmants
Best meal of the week!
New arrived refugee family
Newly arrived refugee family
Refugee families with International Christian Voice
The Gill family arrived in June 2023
International Christian Voice's Peter Bhatti
Javaid (Jim) Bakhsh
Coffee Hour
Local ministry partner JFJ Hope Centre
Dancing in the streets (actually the sidewalk!)
Camp Bear
God is the best!
Non-DNA brothers
Boys & Bugs
Welcome to Christ Church
Sidewalk Chalk
Bubbles & Beauty
Children's Focus
TIna & Martha surprised
The Chapel Choir of Christ's College, Cambridge
Ron welcome the visiting choir
Organ rehearsal
Organ rehearsal
Georgie-boy welcoming

Celebrating the men of our Parish Family that play a fatherly role | 2021 to 2022

Pentecost with Baptism & Confirmation | May 28, 2023

Mothering Influences - 2020 to 2022

Worship 5.May 01 22
Worship 3
Worship Collective 1
Worship 2
Mothers Day 11.May 08 22
Worship 1
Watts & Cuthbert.Aug 2020
Tikaram Grandchildren.Apr 24 22
Sunday School 1.Feb 23 20
Physically distanced
Plant, Diana 100th BD 3.Feb 09 20
Paul Family.Oct 29 22
Regen 1
Olurotimi Family.2021 Advent III
Mothers Day 12.May 08 22
Olurotimi, Debby.Aug 07 20
Mothers Day 10.May 08 22
Mothers Day 7.May 08 22
Mothers Day 9.May 08 22
Massey Family.2021 Advent IV
Mar 13 22.Children's Focus_Moment cropped
Jun 06 21.Sunday School 3a
Lorette & Clarke.Aug 2020
Greeting 9
Greeting 20
Greeting 4
Greeting 8
Feb 13 22.8
Feb 13 22.1
Drive By Drop Off 1
Delivery 2
Door Knocking
Clarke & Golla.Sep 2020
Baptism 1.Apr 24 22
Bakhsh Desrocher Family.2021 Advent II
Altar Guild.Mar 19 22
Altar Guild 4
Altar Guild 3
Altar Guild 2
Altar Guild 1

Holy Week - Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday 2023

Prayer Walk
Prayer Walk
Prayer Walk
Easter Morning Scripture
Easter Morning Children's Focus
Blessing of the Palms
Easter Morning Sunday School
Easter Morning Coffee Hour
Easter Morning Sunday School
Easter Morning Eucharist
Easter Morning Offerings
Byron preaching Easter morning
Prayer Walk
Prayer Walk along Etobicoke Creek
Wellington Street
City Hall
City Hall
Good Friday Solemn Service
Solemn Intercessions
Solemn Intercessions
Nelson Charles preaching on Good Friday
Maundy Thursday
Guest Musician on Baroque Oboe
Maundy Thursday Foot Washing
Maundy Thursday Scripture
Mustering for Palm Sunday
Tina and Ron "working" the Palm Frame
Tina and Martha managing a selfie
Prayer Walk

Season of Lent - February & March 2023

A snowy Ash Wednesday evening
Altar Guild
Altar Guild
Altar Guild
Altar Guild
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Coldest Night of the Year
Giving Thanks
Lazarus Come Out!
Children's Focus
International Christian Voice Gala
Javaid (Jim) Bakhsh as guest preacher
Special Offering for International Christian Voice
Lenten Study
Lenten Study
Lenten Study
Lenten Study
Spring Cleaning
Snuggly Stuffies
Georgie-Boy getting some love
Spring Cleaning
Food Recovery Volunteering
The winter storms of March!
Deacon Luigi
Quilt Making Group.Feb 25 23
Ah spring!
"I am three!"

Season of Epiphany - January & February 2023

Our Associate - The Rev. Nelson Charles
Byron Gilmore with Rev. Connie Denbok celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Our Rector - The Rev. Canon Byron Gilmore
Receiving the Offering
The Worship Collective warming up
Sound Engineer!
Camera Crew
Camera Crew
Staff - Tina & Martha
Mustering for Sunday
Past Warden Extraordinaire
Deacon Luigi
Launch of Black History Month at Brampton City Hall
A snowy Sunday morning arrival
Our Wardens
Friendly greeting on a Sunday morning
Deacon Luigi Battista & The Rev. Canon Byron Gilmore
Quilt making for local cancer patients
The first gathering since Covid was an awesome success
Love this!
Coffee Hour
Solomon Seal gets officially adopted
Solomon Seal joins our Sunday School flock
Car Blessing
Non-DNA family on Family Day Weekend
Ron, Byron & Sally
Happy Sunday Morning!
Bowling Night
Byron did manage to get a strike!
The crew getting ready for Sunday morning
Byron channeling piano lessons of his youth
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