What To Expect...

Sunday:        (Laying on of Hands - First Sunday Monthly at All Services)
7:45 am        Said Eucharist
9:00 am       Contemporary Eucharist
10:45 am      Choral Eucharist (Choral Matins on Occasion)

Mid September to Mid June Services


Mid June to Mid September Services

8:00 am        Said Eucharist
10:00 am       Holy Eucharist


So you’ve decided to visit an Anglican church and you find yourself with us on a Sunday morning.   Maybe you’ve always passed us and wondered what goes on inside or perhaps a friend has invited you to come along.  Or maybe sometime you have attended a wedding or another celebration and are simply curious.   No matter what the reason, you are very welcome at Christ Church. If you have never attended church – or even if you have but much time has passed – many sights and sounds may be unfamiliar to you. Hopefully these brief words might help you.


Anglicans believe that the most important thing we do as Christians is gather together for worship. Our main opportunity to do so is the Sunday morning worship service, also known as Eucharist, Communion or Mass. However, like many congregations, we also have worship services during the week. This is usually on Wednesday mornings, except for the month of July.  The easiest way to find out about our services is to visit our website or call the church office.  During the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter you will find that we have many services throughout the week. 

Consider showing up a few minutes early to allow yourself to get settled. More often than not, there will be a friendly greeter who will provide you with a bulletin that details our announcements.  Please always feel free to approach these greeters (often referred to as a Sides Person) should you have any questions.  They are more than happy to direct you to the right person or pass your query along.


From mid-September to mid-June a service leaflet is also provided to those attending our 10:45 am Choral Eucharist service.  From mid-June to mid-September, we combine our 9:00 am Contemporary Eucharist and our 10:45 Choral Eucharist into one service celebrated at 10:00 am. This summer service is entirely projected on a screen so you can simply pick a seat and relax. In the summer, we also move our Said Eucharist to 8:00 am from 7:45 am. 












When you are in the pew you will find books that include the Book of Alternative Services (it’s green), the Hymn Book (it’s red) and the Bible (there are many versions; we use the New Revised Standard Version and it’s blue) and occasionally you might see the Book of Common Prayer (it’s purple).  The Book of Alternative Services (“BAS”) sets out the form of the service for each Christian season and provides the text for most of the prayers.   In the summer months, our projected service uses the liturgy found in the BAS.


You will find that our services are a mix of readings, prayers, hymns and a sermon. We use what is referred to as the Revised Common Lectionary which is shared by many mainline Christian denominations.  So what you are hearing today in the way of readings is also heard in other churches across the globe.  Typically these readings will be an Old Testament reading, following by a Psalm, then an Epistle reading from the New Testament and concluding with the priest reciting the appointed Gospel reading which is also from the New Testament.  


You might be wondering when you should do what: kneel, sit, stand, say Amen. Just relax and follow what others are doing.   Text projected on the screen in green is for the priest and/or leader to say while text projected in white is for the congregation to say in the way of a response.  Practices change from church to church so it would be difficult to capture all the instructions but, that said, we do stand for the Gospel and the Creed (which is our statement of belief that follows the sermon).  While you might be confused with all these instructions, please know that we really wish for you to enjoy the music, the words of the scripture from the Bible and the silences, and contemplate the symbols and images – the cross, the altar, the candles, the stained glass windows – and all that enhances our worship space.


Our joint coffee hour that takes place following the 9:00 am service.  Please feel free to join in after the 9:00 am service or before attending the 10:45 service.  Coffee is usually served around 10:15 am or so.  If you do stay, introduce yourself – we love to meet and welcome new people but most importantly if this is your first time - please do come back.