How to Give - Financial Offerings

Throughout the pandemic, Christ Church has been blessed by the ongoing generosity of our parish family.  The life and vitality of our Church is important to us ~ perhaps even more so now.  We are grateful to those who have played a part in ensuring our ministry continues to flourish during this unprecedented time.  Intentional, purposeful and sacrificial gifts enable us to invite, welcome and connect all of us together with Him who abides with us in all times and circumstances.


Many of our Envelope Subscribers continue to make regular donations by way of the mail, drop-off, arranging for a pick-up or using an electronic method of giving.  The regular monthly offerings from our PAR (pre-authorized remittance) subscribers is helpful as a way of providing a financial forecast.  We also introduced new ways to give:

1.  We accept e-Transfers via the Interac system. 

  • Simply set-up Christ Church Brampton as a payee on your internet banking account.

  • Email address required:

  • No password is required

  • Upon making an offering you will receive an email notification as will Christ Church.

  • Your offering will be included in your annual tax receipt.


2.  You can donate electronically via CanadaHelps using your credit card through the Christ Church Brampton website.  At the top of the homepage – click “Online Giving via Canada Helps”.  It takes you to the following link.  In this case, CanadaHelps provides you with a tax receipt.


3.  You can drop off your church envelope in the mail slot at the church.  The not-so-obvious-mail slot is located just below the buzzer on the right hand side of the office doors…it’s a wee bit tricky because it is a vertical slot.


4.  You arrange for a pick-up by calling Martha at: Office:  (905) 451-6649 / Phone or Text:  416-420-3765