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Worship Times

We offer Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) on Friday mornings.  In the video, The Rev. Michelle Jones provides a brief introduction and invitation.   Why not give it a try?    

Click here to join Friday morning @ 10:00 am

Restarts September 24

  • Click the link.  When you are prompted:
    • Join the Zoom meeting
    • Connect with Video
    • Connect with Audio
    • You will be placed in the “Waiting Room” until we begin


A simple but comprehensive practice of praying the scripture that leads gradually but steadily from the mind to the heart.  Each week we will focus on a fragment of scripture from the upcoming Sunday in a guided prayer exercise that deepens your understanding of God's love for you or may provide insight into a difficult situation.  As this is a prayer practice rather than a course, you may join at any time and there is no issue about missing a week or two ~ it's that easy.


Lectio Divina is offered on Friday mornings.  

  1. Fridays @ 10:00 am lasting approximately 30-45 minutes; click the link above to join by Zoom


In the comfort of your own home.  We suggest that you select a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed.  Have your bible handy and perhaps a candle to help your focus. 


The prayers sessions will be offered via Zoom.  Participants can join the sessions either by audio/video from their devices or by simply calling in.  Contact The Rev. Michelle Jones for a Zoom invitation and/or any questions.  Michelle can be reached by phone @ 416-418-3912 or by email @

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