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Commitment & Giving

Click here to read our 2018 Stewardship Brochure

2018/2019 Pledges are still being received!

Stewardship Video  (released May 31, 2018)

Stewardship Myths at Christ Church (released April 29, 2018)


  • Prayerfully consider what God is doing in your life.

  • Prayerfully consider your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Prayerfully consider what Christ Church means to you and your family, and what Christ Church can mean in the Brampton community.

  • Prayerfully consider what God has done in providing for your “goods and kindred,” and what you will return to Him.


Christ Church does not presume that if you have given in the past your prior pledge will continue to carry over. We need your completed, written pledge to ensure not only the continuation of our many ministries, but to enhance your personal Christian growth.

Stewardship Pledges may be placed on the plate during the offering any Sunday from May 13th to June 3rd. 


Simply place your pledge in an envelope addressed to the Envelope Secretary. 


All pledges will be blessed on Commitment Sunday ~ June 3, 2018


If you did not receive a Stewardship invitation in the mail, please contact Martha Whittaker at 905-451-6649 ext. 23 or


For more information about Stewardship & Planned Giving, please contact the Parish Office at 905-451-6649 ext. 23 or so that we answer your questions and/or direct it accordingly.

A Message from the Rector

I ask you to reflect on the call to pledge prayerfully, purposefully and proportionately.


Please begin with prayer.  Don’t make any decision about your finances without prayer; this includes planning your proportional giving from your first fruits to the Lord.


With the Biblical goal of tithing (10% of one’s “increase”/income), consider your giving back to God (from the increase he will give you) by examining what you gave last year; perhaps it was at 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 7% - or maybe you are already a tither?


Then, reflect on your projected income for the coming year and consider increasing your proportional level a percentage point (and consider doing it again next year). Kim and I have found that making gradual annual adjustments helped us to get to the level of tithing in our giving back to God.


Finally, once you have prayed and considered, make your pledge by filling out the pledge card and returning it to Christ Church as soon as you are able.


The more pledges we have “in hand” in the days ahead, the better we able prepare your church budget for the year ahead. Once we know what we have to spend from our total pledges, then we will know what kind of ministry programing we can afford in the coming year.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration and decision. May God bless you, and through you, may He use Christ Church as a blessing to all to whom we minister.



The Rev. Canon Byron Gilmore



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