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God Wants Ewe!

While our building is closed, we are delighted to offer Sunday School via Zoom on Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm.  How much fun is that!

Contact Tina Clarke for a Zoom invitation at:

Sunday School 


The Sunday school program is designed to provide weekly Bible-based education and promote the practices of ongoing faith formation.  The curriculum is inclusive and encourages Christian children to interact, connect, and share their faith with other Christians their age.


Sunday School ("Cool Church") is available during the 10:00 am service during the summer month and at our 9:00 & 10:45 am services during the regular season.

Children are dismissed for Sunday School after the Children's Homily

and rejoin their families for Holy Communion.

"Keep Your Kids in Church" Sundays (No Sunday School)

The following Sundays provide an opportunity for our entire Parish Community - both young and old - to worship together. Upcoming "Keep Your Kids in Church" Sundays are:  March 31, 2019 & April 21, 2019 (Easter Sunday)


Advent III - Children's Pageant ("The Fumbly Bumbly Angels") - December 16, 2018




Our nursery children, this year will continue to be introduced to the Bible stories through play.


The rest of our Sunday school classes will be using the Kids’ Travel Guide curriculum we began using last year. This fall all classes will be focusing on the Armour of God.


Our children today may not understand the Who?, What?, Where? or Why?, but they are aware that bad things happen in the world. Our focus on the Armour of God, helps children realize that they do not have to understand the W’s, but be confident in the knowledge that

they can turn to God for protection, guidance and comfort, and they can find strength in their relationship with God.



Once again this year we are blessed to have a number of teachers devoted to working with our children. We have lost a few of our college bound teachers. We are thrilled to have Kim Gilmore returning to our roster, after a much needed break, and to be adding Heather

Robinson and Tanika George to our roster. We have also welcomed a number of our youth to assist in our Sunday school classes.


We are still looking for a couple more teachers for our 9:00 am program and a couple for our 10:45 am program. Teachers must be over the age of eighteen.


We are also in need of assistants for our nursery, junior and 10:45 am classes. Assistants must be over the age of thirteen.


For information about the role, responsibilities and time commitment for each of these positions please speak with either Andrea White or Robert.


Our Nursery Facility is Supervised during the

9:00 am Service and is available for use

 (but not staffed) during the 10:45 am Service


Many parents ask why they need to complete a registration form for their children every Sunday school year. If your child is not registered it does not mean they cannot attend Sunday school. Every child is welcome to attend. If a child is going to be attending Sunday school a registration form is required for us to have permission for certain activities. It is also used for things such as budget planning, program and space planning, Vestry and we are required to report to the Anglican diocese certain information about Sunday school every year. These registration forms make it easier for us to accomplish these tasks.


Parents please ensure that you have completed Sunday school registration for your children.

This registration must be completed every year and the release signed. 



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